faith faith [feɪθ] noun [uncountable]
1. confidence that someone or something can be trusted or will work properly:
faith in

• We have faith in our staff.

• Don't put too much faith in competition.

• Foreign investors were losing faith in the country.

duty of faith [singular] LAW
a duty that an employee has to their employer not to do anything that would harm the business:

• The duty of good faith will be broken if an employee copies a list of his employer's customers for use after his employment ends.

2. LAW good faith if you do something in good faith, you do not intend to deceive anyone and believe that what you are doing is honest:

• As a gesture of good faith, he deposited £1,000 with the business agents.

• A bank is not liable if it has accepted the cheque in good faith.

• Throughout the negotiations we acted in good faith.

3. LAW bad faith if you do something in bad faith, you intend to deceive people:

• The jury found that all three accountants had acted in bad faith.

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faith UK US /feɪθ/ noun [U]
a feeling of trust that something will be successful, that people will do what they promise to do, etc.: have faith in sb/sth »

Board members insisted they had absolute faith in the current management team.

put your faith in sb/sth »

You can't ask customers to put their faith in a product that hasn't been properly tested.

lose faith in sb/sth »

Stock holders seem to have lost faith in the banking sector.

See also BAD FAITH(Cf. bad faith), DUTY OF FAITH(Cf. ↑duty of faith), GOOD FAITH(Cf. ↑good faith)

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